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3d anchor by Silhouette
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This shape consists of a top and base anchor shape and 11 perimeter strips. The perimeter strips can be attached to the anchor base by folding down the triangles and gluing them along the edge of the shape. The perimeter strips are attached to each other with tabs on each end. Each tab is marked with a number that indicates which tab it is to be paired with. These numbers are visible on the file only and will not be cut into the shape. Start with the strip with tabs marked with a '1' & '10' and attach it to the outside of the eye of the anchor. Next, attach the strip marked with a '1' & '2' to the anchor, making sure to glue both '1' tabs together. Continue to work around the perimeter of the anchor attaching paired tabs until you've returned to the beginning and attached the '10' tabs together. The remaining strip is attached to the interior of the eye of the anchor and the'0' tabs attach to themselves. After all the perimeter strips are glued to the base, fold the triangles in and attach the top with glue.

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